Spring 2019
Q&A | May 18, 2019
CMA Duos: Sarah Hennies & Ingrid Laubrock
The percussionist and saxophonist discuss process, place, and Hennies’ recent multimedia work, Contralto.
Spring 2019
Features | April 18, 2019
The Rise of the Reed Quintet
How word of a new kind of chamber ensemble spread and took hold in Europe and then across the US.
Winter 2019
Features | February 19, 2019
A Greater Power
The legacy of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians keeps growing, one musician at a time.
Winter 2019
Q&A | January 20, 2019
CMA Duos: Milford Graves & Jason Moran
The drummer and pianist compare notes on their years of studying, teaching, and improvising.
Fall 2018
Q&A | November 6, 2018
CMA Duos: Kris Davis and Mary Halvorson
The pianist and guitarist discuss writing lyrics, foregoing chord charts, and why playing for a distracted audience can...
Fall 2018
Features | October 11, 2018
Call and Response
The We Have Voice Collective continues to deepen and expand the discussion around identity and power in the performing arts.
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