Winter 2023
Features | February 7, 2023
Master of the Modern
Soprano Lucy Shelton has always let the repertoire lead the way.
Fall 2022
Bronx Arts Ensemble Director Judith Insell / photo courtesy of Bronx Arts Ensemble
Features | November 28, 2022
Fine-tuning “Bronxness”
After 50 years, how did the Bronx Arts Ensemble, evolve into a diverse equity organization?
Fall 2022
Dawn Martin Berry-Walker
Features | November 21, 2022
Pappy’s Most Resonant Note
Can the legacy of a bassist and activist keep jazz, and hope, alive in Buffalo?
Summer 2022
Features | July 25, 2022
Music Therapy Opens Up
Music therapists do specialized work, but their knowledge can help all musicians contribute to the nation's health.
Summer 2022
Features | July 15, 2022
Decolonizing the Concert Hall
As Artistic Director of the International Contemporary Ensemble, George E. Lewis leads us to a "new world music."
Summer 2022
Features | July 6, 2022
Scattered to the Winds
The remarkable story behind Fallen Petals of Nameless Flowers, a new chamber work inspired by the lives of juvenile lifers.
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