An ensemble is eligible if it: 

  • consists of 2-10 musicians 
  • a member of CMA. (Contact membership@chambermusicamerica.org to join or renew) 
  • has an ongoing core of musicians (soloists with accompanists are not eligible) 
  • has performed professionally as an ensemble for at least one (1) year 
  • can document at least five (5) public performances within the past two (2) years 
  • has no overdue reports or financial obligations to CMA  
Application Fee

There is no fee to apply if the ensemble is a current CMA member. 

Non-Members should contact membership@chambermusicamerica.org to join or renew. 

The Application

CMA uses the online application platform Submittable. Go to cma.submittable.com to create a free Submittable account if you do not already have one.   

  • Complete the online form directly or draft your responses in an offline document as backup, then copy/paste your information into the online application. CMA recommends that you save your draft in an offline document as backup.   
  • To save the work you have done on your application, you must click SAVE DRAFT at the bottom of the form before exiting.    
  • You can return to your saved application to continue working on it by following the log-in instructions.   
  • The application will close promptly at 11:59 PM ET on Thursday, June 15, 2023. Late or incomplete submissions will not be accepted. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications at least 24 hours in advance of the deadline to avoid any last-minute complications.   
Audio Sample Instructions

In addition to completing the required fields, each applicant must upload audio samples to the online application. Applicants may include up to two (2) audio samples with no more than one (1) composition per file. 

Each Audio Sample: 

  • Must be mp3 or m4a 
  • Must not exceed three (3) minutes 
  • Must have been recorded within the past two (2) years 
  • May be full-length works, excerpts from larger works, or individual movements 
  • May feature music from a live performance, home/studio recording, or a commercial recording 
  • Should reflect what the ensemble plans to perform in the Showcase or be similar in style 
  • Must include a majority (more than half) of the musicians performing at the actual Showcase 
  • For mixed ensembles with variable combinations, at least one (1) sample must feature the same personnel and instrumentation as the proposed showcase musicians 
  • May only feature guest artists* if they are part of the proposed Showcase program. 

*Guest artists are those who are not part of your regular ensemble 

Review Process

An independent panel of musicians and presenters versed in multiple ensemble music styles (including classical, contemporary, jazz, and folk, from Eastern, Western, Indigenous, Latin American, and African traditions) will review the applications and audio samples to select the showcasing ensembles. 

The panel’s evaluation of the audio samples through anonymous listening determines ensembles selected to participate. The panel evaluates the audio samples based on: 

  • Artistry 
  • Technical facility 
  • Ensemble cohesiveness 

The results of the review process will be announced by August 2023, via email only. 

Selected Ensembles

Once notified, the ensemble will have five (5) business days to sign and submit the Showcase agreement. If CMA does not receive a response in that time frame, the Showcase opportunity will be offered to another ensemble.  

The conference registration fee is waived for selected ensembles. However, CMA does not cover transportation or accommodation.  


Chamber Music America will:

  • Administer and schedule all showcase performances 
  • Administer and schedule sound checks 
  • Provide a grand piano, harpsichord, guitar amp, bass amp, drum set, music stands, chairs, PA system, microphones, and audio engineer 
  • Produce a showcase program 
  • Publicize the showcase performances through its conference marketing materials including website, e-blasts, and social media 
  • Invite presenters, artist managers, and other music professionals to attend the performances 
  • Offer each ensemble member a registration badge 
  • Distribute individual EPKs from Showcase ensembles to CMA’s membership list, focusing on presenters, artist managers, and other music professionals. Each ensemble must provide its own EPK. 
  • Spotlight in an upcoming issue of Chamber Music Magazine.  

Showcasing ensembles will:

  • Be responsible for any necessary equipment not provided by CMA 
  • Be responsible for travel and accommodation expenses 
  • Be responsible for any additional conference advertising, promotion, or exhibit tables