Blog | June 27, 2024
Community Spotlight: WindSync
A Q&A with WindSync on the heels of their new collaboration with Nicky Sohn.
Blog | June 25, 2024
Meet the Grantees: Pathos Trio
Following their Lincoln Center debut, Ensemble Forward grant recipients Pathos Trio talks about their commissioning journey
Blog | May 22, 2024
Meet the Grantees: Caili O’Doherty
The pianist, composer, and CMA grant recipient shares thoughts on her work, motherhood, and more.
Blog | May 15, 2024
Chamber Music Editor Awarded by Jazz Journalist Association
Get to know Chamber Music magazine's editor Larry Blumenfeld, a 2024 Jazz Journalist Association Honoree.
Blog | April 22, 2024
Meet the Grantees: Khemia Ensemble
Get to know Khemia Ensemble, one of CMA's 2023 Classical Commissioning grant recipients who is working with composer Anuj Bhu
Blog | March 11, 2024
Meet the Grantees: Ryan Cohan
Composer and pianist Ryan Cohan shares his story since receiving a 2023 New Jazz Works grant from CMA.
Blog | December 11, 2023
Meet the Grantees: Sounds of A & R
Meet Grantee April Webb of Sounds of A&R (S.O.A.R.) then visit Performance Plus to learn more about 2024 grant opportunities.
Announcement | November 14, 2023
Chamber Music America Announces 2024 Cleveland Quartet Award
Balourdet named the 2024 Cleveland Quartet Awardee; Plus Herbie Hancock and JACK Quartet to receive CMA Awards
Blog | October 27, 2023
A Q&A with Paul Wiancko
Composer and cellist Paul Wiancko is appointed the new director of Spoleto's chamber music series.
Blog | October 4, 2023
Community Spotlight: Buffalo Chamber Music Society
A Q&A with Buffalo Chamber Music Society's Clementina Flesher, celebrating the society's 100th anniversary season.
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