As pandemic recovery continues, some are seeking ways to maintain the positive changes from this past year. How will we incorporate the lessons learned? What practices will we maintain? Will we stay connected? In this session recorded at CMA’s 2021 Virtual Conference, Sasha Ono presents a model on how to build deeper engagements while working to address complex issues with audiences outside of performances.

In August 2020, Lotus Chamber Music Collective created a virtual book club to facilitate discussions about systemic racism in the country in general, and the in the music field, in particular. Through this monthly gathering, the Collective was able to connect with musicians, administrators, and educators around the country. Participants openly shared personal experiences and implemented action items. Viewers will learn how these events can help to build common understanding and community and leave with ideas and resources for to how to create a dynamic experience outside the concert hall.

Presented in partnership with the Wallace Foundation’s “Building Audiences for the Arts” initiative. For more information visit: