Fall 2023
Essays | November 15, 2023
The Excellence Playlist
Songwriter, composer, vocalist, poet, and educator Moor Mother shares a playlist based on the theme of excellence.
Fall 2021
Essays | November 12, 2021
Arrows In the Dark
Esperanza Spalding is digging deeper into the mysterious relationship between music and healing.
Summer 2021
Essays | July 18, 2021
The Dangers of Returning to a Monochromatic Arts World
As seasons and tours resume, artist and educator Rod Vester urges organizations and ensembles not to abandon their...
Winter 2021
Essays | January 20, 2021
Diplomacy and Disruption
One artist’s quest to fight xenophobia using traditional Arabic music.
Fall 2020
Essays | November 12, 2020
Indie Power—Now
An urgent call for independent musicians to organize to end Big Tech’s digital thievery and achieve economic justice.
Fall 2020
Essays | November 11, 2020
Together/Not Together
On diversity, coexistence, and new ways of listening.
Fall 2020
Essays | October 12, 2020
The Hippie and the Mathematician
Nurturing great music and environmentalism as one.
Fall 2020
Essays | October 12, 2020
We Want to Be Human, Too
To achieve racial equity, our field must move beyond the shallow trap of tokenism.
Spring 2020
Essays | April 18, 2020
Composing a Musicians’ Climate Citizenry
A chamber musician and a composer grapple with the environmental impact of a career in music.